Creative Director / MD

Finance Director

CAD Designer

Dispatch Manager

Office Administrator

Allan Reoch

Office Administrator

Moral Officers

Warehouse Operative


– Creative Director / MD

Carri joined team ESC back in 1995 with a B.Ed from Glasgow University
who are now one of her favourite clients!

She enjoys all things creative. Carri is self taught in many artwork packages
and can create designs for our clients with a unique perspective as she is
partially sighted! This doesn’t prevent her from bringing clients packaging to
life, exceeding their expectations time and again.

Here are some interesting facts about Carri!
LOVES – Dogs, Baking, Crime Whodunits, Coffee, Facials & Spa Breaks
HATES – Mushrooms, Feet, High Heels, Turkish Delight


– Finance Director

Anne Bankier is one of the founding partners of the
original company back in 1978. She has been the
company book-keeper for over 40 years and is now
semi retired.

Here are some interesting facts about Anne!
LOVES : Her grandchildren, her garden, baking cakes
for the team, sewing, knitting and all things creative.
HATES : Snakes, loud noises, crowds, chocolate (what!?)


– CAD Designer
Andrew joined the ESC team in June 2019!


Andrew is the CAD designer here at ESC, any bespoke boxes are expertly designed by him. Since leaving school, computers have always been a passion for him, and what better way to utilize this passion than joining the family business. Andrew was self-taught in CAD designing, he has since attended a course to perfect his already amazing CAD Skills.

Here are some interesting facts about Andrew!
LOVES – Computers & Gaming, Gardening, Cars, Dogs, Mushrooms
HATES – Football, Turkish Delight, Indian Food, Traffic


– Dispatch Manager
Margaret has been a valued member of our ESC Team since 2008!


Margaret looks after each and every client’s order delivery arrangements. She also oversees the smooth running of the office. Always has a happy smile and kind word, Margaret is who to call if you need help or advice regarding your placed orders.

Here are some interesting facts about Margaret.
Loves – First and foremost her beautiful Grandson Lewis, Dogs (especially her little Elmo), Shopping with her daughter, Chocolate, Red Wine, and relaxing holidays.
Hates – Olives, Seafood, Salt & vinegar crisps, and Traffic.


– Office Administrator
Natalie is the newest member here at ESC, coming back to join the team after being away for 6 years!


She enjoys all things pretty, sparkly and with a clean finish.
Natalie was brought in to build and maintain our two websites as well as our social media’s!

Here are some interesting facts about Natalie.
Loves – Pink, True crime, Caffeine, Changing her hair colour, Long adventure walks with her son, City breaks & exploring new places.
Hates – Feet, Being Unorganised, Being cold & Custard Cakes.

Allan Reoch 

Allan joined the team here at ESC in January 2021! 




– Moral Officers
Carri’s first Guide Dog Lorna joined the ESC Packaging team in November 2010 to help Carri get out and about to see customers. Lorna has since retired though and this is when Ruri joined the team, June 2018. Our fabulous moral officers are known by many names, Loopy Lorna, Dyson Dogs, Moochy Pooch, and their most used, Mr&Mrs waggypants due to their constant happiness and excitement. They’re both clever dogs, understanding every word you say, ‘roast chicken’ and ‘snack’ seem to get the biggest waggy tail response! Whenever you would like a visit from Lorna or Ruri, just let us know. We wouldn’t be without either Lorna or Ruri, they really are the company’s ambassadors (and hoovers!)


– Warehouse Operative
Danny deals with everything to do with our warehouses and dispatching!


From picking orders, keeping an eye on stock levels to ensure we don’t run out, cleaning and maintaining our warehouses to loading and offloading deliveries, counting stock, and keeping all of our premises clear.

Here are some interesting facts about Danny.

He has an HNC&HND in hospitality events and business management and has been a qualified dance teacher for 12 years.
LOVES – Anything his two children want to do, Dogs (Especially his own Victorian British Bull Dog Bailey), keeping active, and anything that challenges him.
HATES -Tomatoes, Mushrooms, Bananas, Winter